Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

I would like to take a minute to wish a happy new year to all my faithful blog readers and my Tuesday Night Turtle teammates. Hopefully, everyone will have an even better year than last, i know i will.

First things first. I would like to say congratulations to my Turtle teammate Dave Schaad who just ran his 75th race of the year in Florida. Dave has not missed a day of running in over 4 years and in that same time, has run in 235 races. One thing about Dave, he runs every race hard, likes to play the part of the rabbit and loves every minute of it. His consistency is amazing, running most of his 5k times between 18.30 and 17.50 while winning his share of master divisions. Oh yeah...Dave is also a beer rep for Dundee's and Genesee as well as the host for the greatest Labor Day party around. Good going, Dave.

New Year, New Goals.

The new year better be better for me. This past year was just awful when it came to my running. I think that both knees are finally better and i am at a point where i actually look forward to going for a run. It has been 3 years and 10 months that i have been dealing with one knee or the other and a stress fracture that seemed to start it all off. Now i just have to build a base, lose some weight, throw in some quality training and i will be racing before you know it. Knock on wood :)

Some goals for the year:

**Running a few snowshoe races and probably making a total fool of myself in the process.

**Running Mt. Washington if i can be lucky enough to get in. If not, find some other mountain races that i won't be photographing to run.

**Cross country and trail racing if it don't kick the shit out of my knees.


DoubleJ said...

Scotty, LOVE the goals! If you get in the Washington lotto (and me too) then I'll make sure Kristin gets some shots of you as you make your way up the wall! :)

Scott Mason said...

I figured i needed a good comeback goal and what better than to run up a mountain.

s p running said...

You deserve a good year in 2009... I'm hoping for you. Know what? in 2007 after MD wanted to operate on me, Mt. Washington (& Mt. series) were my comeback races too... I like the way you think

Happy New Year, buddy

Scott Mason said...

Thank You, Sarah

See you at the races.