Sunday, December 21, 2008

Too Much Snow

 What a lousy weekend! 48+ hours of snow combined with incompetent snowplow drivers means roads that can't be run on safely. When recovering from knee problems, the last thing i want to do is get out and run on roads like these. Add in the idiot driver factor and missing a few days seems the right thing to do. I was looking forward to having my biggest week in 8 months, granted it would have only been close to 20 miles, but it is better than the zeroes i was putting up in the fall. All because of too much snow, if i wanted this much of the white stuff, i would move back to New Hampshire.
Now if this was next week, i would have my new Dion snowshoes and could get a workout in the snow. I am looking forward to using them and it just so happens that my buddy Martin Tighe has snowshoes too, so i will have someone to train and try a few races with. Hopefully Martin will take it easy on me, he is coming off of a 2nd place, 6:20 50 miler down at Sunmart in Texas a few weeks ago. One other Turtle, Bob Jackman has shown some interest in trying some snowshoe action, we'll see how a bunch of flatlanders do up north. Should be fun.

The photo is my summer toy with my snowblower. I would much rather be playing around with the TR6.



pbazanchuk said...

Martin has snowshoes? You're not bringing him to Woodford are you? Hope for another M50 title dashed again :)

Scott Mason said...

No Woodford for me, not ready yet.

Have a good race.

Tanker said...

Uhm, whats that thing next to the classic car? :)

s p running said...

Scott, I ran into exact same thing last Sunday... I ran during snowstorm and my knee took a couple days to feel better. Nice photo of summer toy!