Monday, June 28, 2010

Cranmore Hill Climb Photos

Cranmore mountain 11.4 km USATF NE championship

See You Next Week at Loon Mt.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mt Washington Weekend Musings

First off, let me say that i did not run the 50th version of the Mt Washington Road Race. I was entered, but i am in no shape to this kind of thing right now. The way i see it is that even in shape you are going to suffer so why multiply that pain by ten. I don't want a Scott Graham-ish look on my face at two miles, at least Scott's was at 7+. So instead of running, i was there with cameras to shoot and then on to the partying.

A few thoughts and observances from the weekend.

---We stayed over at Attitash Mountain Resort. What a great place, the condo slept up to 14. There are
    special rates for MW runners and they have bears wandering around to keep you on your toes. There
    were three MW runners staying here, Bob Jackman, Carl Pecchia and Martin Tighe. CMS had taken a      
    condo on the other side of the tracks from us which prompts the question of who was coming from the
    wrong side of the track? Lets see....they were faster than us but we probably drink more, i guess it IS
    the Turtles.

---I brought 20 bottles of my homebrew up for post
    race at the base of the mountain, an Imperial IPA
    code named MW 50-50. It seemed to go over
    pretty well for the lucky one's to sample the
    brew. Chris Dunn was the lucky first recipient,
    the benefit of being parked next to the GTI. I
    wish i had more to go around, maybe next year.
    Fitz finally got his hands on some, i think he has
    been looking forward to it for quite some time.
    I think i may brew a batch for a snowshoe race
    this coming winter, what do you think Chris?

---It was a beautiful day on top of the mountain,
    some wind, but out of the west so you did not
notice it much on the other side. I liked last year better
    as the clouds were below you and the effect was great. Being clear all the way up makes for a tense
    ride at times for the passenger, right Jackie? Last year driving through a cloud means you don't see the
    drop off that is ten feet to your right. This year i got to drive Bill Riley down the mountain. Bill
    finished 1st in the 70-74 age group. His time was a bit off as he was looking for about 1:35 but had to
    settle for 1:39......not bad at 74 years old. Bill's wife Debbie had her Sea Shades sunglass booth set up
    down below which doubled as our drinking base camp. Thanks Debbie and Bill.

---One thing i love about this race is that you get to hang with so many good people after the race, one
    big party atmosphere. You don't get this at many races, not like here. Runners tend to hang out much
    longer. There are a lot of old school runners here as well as the regular mountain runners and snow-
    shoe people. Many people that i see at a lot of races, all great people. Tuckermans Brewing is here
    pouring their good beer. There is live music. Teams set up their tents, break out the grills and beer.
    How can you not like this scene.

---There were a lot of good performances, JJ ran a PR. DD ran above expectations, Dave Quintal had a
    good one. I felt bad for Kevin Tilton just not having it on Saturday, but i imagine he will be back with
    a vengeance. Bob Jackman had a solid first run up the hill. Congrats to Reno and Bill Riley for
    winning their age groups.

---Good to hang with the CMS crew for a while late saturday night at the condo. Knocking back a few
    Genny Cream kingers with the brothers Quintal and the rest was fun.

---Great to see my friends Sarah and Sheila. Been a whole year.

---Good to catch up with ex-RI runner John Gorman after the run.

---Note to anyone wearing sandals on a day like this, take them off, apply suntan lotion, put them back
    on. My feet have tiger stripes on them right now and my ankles are burnt too, they feel more like

---Photos for the race are up on my website now,
    see them HERE.