Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grog and Dog Jog

If it is Columbus Day weekend, it is also time for another Grog and Dog Jog.
 The Grog and Dog, Put on by the Wild Colonial Tavern in Providence is a relay with a twist. You run one and a quarter miles, eat a hot dog, drink a beer and hand off to your next runner, this happens four times. This getting to be a very popular event with 70 teams entered, up from 50 a year ago. Many teams dress in some sort of costume, though not mandatory, it does make for a lot of fun. For the average person out for a Sunday afternoon  drive in Providence, they probably don't, believe their eyes at what is running down the side of the road. 

Me, Peiter, Mark and Pali...the Droogs

We had two teams entered in this years event. The "A" team, who are the two time
defending champs consisted of Bob Jackman, Dave Principe, Zak Kudlak and Alan Bernier. They were in costume, but we really don't know what they were supposed to be. Our team, the "B" team was Mark Howard, Peiter Snoeren, Pali Frazier and myself. We were dressed as the Droogs of Clockwork Orange fame. We were there to have fun, unlike the "A" squad that had the target on their backs..

Dave P. (with the orange hair) keeping an eye on the competition

As we lined up at the start, the final instructions were given out by race director, Brien Lang, who was running with his team of Merry Maids. The race started at the sound of a tuba. The race went out fast as a pack of 8 or so gapped the field almost quickly. I dropped in with the second pack as we made our way across the Point Street bridge and then up the other side of the Providence River. It is great for spectators and competitors alike because you watch your runner across the river and cheer them on. I was concentrating on staying with one of the maids. I haven't the slightest idea of what pace i was running, but does it really matter in something like this? Coming on to the final stretch on South Water Street, i had planned top back off a bit to make it easier to eat and drink while not gasping for air. So much for that plan. I came blasting into the table where you grab a beer, Narragansett Lager to be exact and your choice of tofu dog or saugy. I went for the tofu dog because i am not a red meat eater. First, i dipped the dog into the beer to make the bun go down quicker, one big bite, swallow, down the beer and shove the rest of the dog in my mouth. Sounds easy, doesn't it. It isn't. It is not easy to chug a beer after running a hard mile and a half. I handed off to Peiter Snoeren, giving him the mug and our Droog cane to carry on his leg. 

Alan Bernier finishing up for the win with some very fast onlookers
Up front the TNT A team was locked in a battle with the Providence Cobra team. At the end of the second leg, they were neck and neck, but Bob J was much quicker eating than the Cobra runner and handed off a 30 second lead to Zak Kudlak. Essentially, the race was over with their quickest runner, Alan Bernier anchoring the race and there was no way in hell they would lose unless Alan fell in the river. As for us Droogs, Peiter, Pali and Mark ran well. Mark did suffer a bit after the race, maybe a little indegestion. We finished somewhere in the top third, and enjoyed every minute of it.

This is a great event for a good cause, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, and on top of that, what else are you going to do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.