Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow and Bikes

I know, it is Thursday and pouring rain outside right now. There is no snow left on the ground and it was 60 degrees yesterday, but last Sunday i went to the NBX Grand Prix of Cyclo Cross in Goddard Park, Warwick, RI to see some great bike racing in the snow and loved it. If you don't know of CycloCross, it is really just road bikes on trails with some minor modifications to the bikes. The New England CycloCross Series is a great experience, you have music blaring, announcers walking around with cordless mikes and a small, but vocal fan base watching riders do 45 -60 minute races. I wish road races could
be this enthusiastic, the fans here were hardcore, ringing cowbells or even handing out cups of beer to riders and they were taking them and downing the beer. If you ever get the chance to check out a cyclocross race, do it! These riders are into it and the atmosphere is just so electric, you can't help but get into the frame of mind of these riders. We had some great riders out there, Jamie Driscoll won the Mens Elite Race and is heading to the Nationals this weekend and Luke Keough took the under 19 age-group and seems to be a future national champion. There seems to be something about this sport that you can relate to. As a kid, you ride your bike through the woods just because, and now as an adult, you ride through the woods for the same reason. Because it is fun. What is better than That?! Do you want to see more photos? Check out this,

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kltilton said...

Wow. Those are awesome photos of an awesome event.