Thursday, December 4, 2008

Matty P.

Went out for a run tonite, a whopping 3 1/2 miles. The legs wanted to go, but the lungs said no. Heck of a birthday run. I really hate starting up my running from square one.  To make matters worse, i finish up at the lot just after Matt Pelletier, Patrick Moulton and Scott Bessette get done with their quick run. I'm jealous. Seems like not that many years ago i was running workouts stride for stride with Matt. I got hurt and he got faster. 

I told Matty about this photo of him from the Martini-Hicks 5k in 1996 and he said you gotta put it up, so here it is. Please excuse the quality of the picture, i did not take it, it was given to me by the guy in front of Matt in the shot. It was March 31st, 1996 and that is Mark Zartarian kicking in front of Matt. Zart ran 17.08 to Matts 17.09, Zart was 42 and Matt was 16 years old at the time. I'd say he has done quite well since then, what do ya think?

Maybe i'll be out there running with you sometime in the near future, Matt. On your easy day, of course :)



runningheritage said...

I almost had him too. Maybe if he had been drinking some of that whiskey and beer, and smoking those cigars I hear so much about, I would have have caught him.

Good seeing you again tonight, and Happy Birthday!. How was the Newport Storm?

runningheritage said...

p.s. full results

Scott Mason said...

If you had tried to pass him, he probably would have hip checked you. He was a hockey goon after all.

Skipped the Newport Storm for Harpoon Leviathon Baltic Porter.

s p running said...

Happy Birthday, Scott!!!

Scott Mason said...

Thanks, Sarah