Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Snowshoe Run

Well, i had a good start to the new year. With all this snow yesterday, i was able to go for a run in the new snowshoes and see what kind of torture i am getting myself into, so i took a ride over to Goddard Park this morning. It was quite windy here, so trying to judge the depth of the snow was tricky. The wind cutting across Narragansett Bay left some bare spots on the ground and also 15 inch deep drifts. Anyway, off i go and i'm thinking this isn't too bad, then i hit the first deep "hole" and almost fall flat on my face, back to reality! The course goes into the woods on the horse trails where i'm trying to stay in the cross country skiers tracks because the snow was a bit deep. I will admit that i did some walking along the way, i don't know how you guys do it for long runs in deep snow, this is tough work! I survive the trails and come out into the fields (where's the Thin Lizzy music?) and head for the golf course where i know the snow depth will be better for running. It was, but now i'm running out of gas, so i see a xc skier that i can use as a target to try to beat across the field and i win. Dangle a carrot in front of me and i can get it going, all i need is a target. Almost done, i run down the par 5 fairway towards the parking lot, i come up past a woman with her dog and wouldn't you know it, misstep and faceplant. So all those opportunities to fall and i have to do it in front of one of the only persons that i see in the last hour. I must admit, it was a great fall, not as good as hitting a tree on my mountain bike, but very spectacular anyway. She looked at me like i was out of my effin' mind, but we did a good laugh out of it. Across the field i go and i am done, soaking wet and tired. As a snowshoe neophyte, i have a ways to go, but i am determined to succeed. It is one hell of a workout. It looks like the snow will hang around for a while so that i can get in some more workouts, and i need all i can get before heading up north to do some races, or should i say, survive some races :)

Now it's time to sit down with a Ruination IPA and a pizza to watch USC play Penn State in the Rose Bowl. 




DoubleJ said... gotta watch your step a lot closer on those things...I've done 3 regular runs now and 1 race... I stumbled a bunch of times yesterday running across a couple of open athletic just don't know where the dips are... good workout though for sure!

The 'word verification' word I had to type in to post this comment is 'weedels'....I think that was dd's nickname in college...

s p running said...

I gotta try out my snowshoes too... good to know it's OK to stumble

Scott Mason said...

I don't mind stumbling, it's the all out head first dive into the snow that can be embarrassing.

So break out those snowshoes, Sarah.