Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

A New Year and what is my resolution......that's easy......RUN MORE! I just totaled last years miles and had to cringe, it came up to a paltry 866 miles. That used to be a nice 2 month total! Wanna run better, run more miles. Like the Nike ad used to say, Just Do It. Lets see if i can.

I headed up to Hollis, NH January 2nd for the Beaver brook Snowshoe Race. I was supposed to run it, but ended up just taking pictures. Seems i screwed up my knee the other day while photographing the RI Classic High School Indoor Track Meet in Providence. I had tripped over the inside lane curbing, planted my foot and then the body twisted but the foot did not move, thus, a twisted sore swollen knee. Damn good grip on those INOV8 shoes :)  I had really looked forward to running this race, it was a wicked fast course. I still got to touch base with a bunch of the NH regulars and fellow bloggers, Jim Johnson, Dave Dunham, Steve Wolfe, Scott Graham and a few i didn't get a chance to talk to like Jim Hansen, Chris Dunn.
Hope to run in 2 weeks at Feel Good Farm, which i did last year. Up and over the mountain twice, what fun.

                                  Click here for Beaver Brook Snowshoe Race Photos 

Speaking of the RI Classic Indoor Meet here in Providence. Here is my niece, Lindsey Kopech, ripping it up in the 4x200 relay for Classical High School. 


Dan said...

Scott, Great photos of the Beaver Brook race. I hope your knee is good to go for the Feel Good Farm race. Maybe the name of the race is a good omen.

Jim Hansen said...

Excellent photos, Scott. Too bad you couldn't compete. Yeah get ready for that Feel Good Farm race. I hated that course. Did I read that it is four times up that hill now. That would be pure evil!

Scott Mason said...

I read that about the Feel Good Farm course, not something i am looking forward to.