Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best of the Year??

Here are some of my favourite images that i took this year. There were many more, but going through 40,000+ photos wasn't something i really wanted to do. I hope you enjoy these.

The slideshow is from Facebook, as Youtube would not approve the audio that went along with the images.  Turn up the volume and set the show to full screen.  Enjoy!


GZ said...

Whoa - what is with that guy with all the blood on his arm at Boston?

Thanks for sharing!

Love the progression of JJ on Walking Boss. DD definitely gets some award for that purple singlet thing.

GZ said...

Hey - when do you race next?

Scott Mason said...

I race next Saturday, GZ. Snowshoe stuff.

But I only have one real goal for the year, Mt Washington.

The bloody guy at Boston....not sure, after all the race did not go thru any bad areas.

DoubleJ said...

Two things...

1) Scotty, this video is fantastic. I tagged a bunch of folk in it on FB.

2) GZ, that dude w/ the blood all over him was running with me for the first 7-8 miles or so. It was nasty. I tried to ask him if he was ok as he was bleeding pretty bad from the nose.... he responded to me in French....pretty funny. I fell all to pieces shortly after.

s p running said...

I love the video slideshow, Scott! Great job -- your photos are the best, thanks! I had not seen that particular one of me at Mt Washington, I really like it!!!!! I didn't see it in your gallery so I could order, but I'd like to order it, if possible.

(Thanks for tagging me, Taz)

Scott Mason said...

Thanks Sarah. Don't know how that shot got overlooked, i guess when you deal with 1000+ shots from a race it can happen occasionally. E-Mail me you address and i will get one to you.

JJ, are you sure you did not punch that guy in the nose when your race started to fall apart :)

s p running said...

You were just saving it for something special like your awesome video :-)

Email is on the way, thanks so much