Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best shot of 2009??????

2009 is over. I shot many photos last year, 40 thousand plus over the course of the year. I was at a lot of races and i took many shots that i liked. What was the best one of the year, a very tough one to call....or was it. What exactly constitutes the best shot? I think that emotion has much to do with the best picture. If that is the case, then the shot of Scott Graham at the top of Mt Washington should be my best of the year. It is a case of "you had to be there", i was 400 meters from the finish, above the clouds and shooting runners coming up the mountain. I like to think that i got the real feeling of running up the mountain in this shot. The look on Scott's face says it all...this race sucks every last bit of energy out of your body and then you have to dig down even deeper to make the top. This is a feeling that i will get to endure this year, as i am already entered into the 50th Mount Washington Road Race. Gee, i can't wait!!

Here is a bonus slideshow that never made it out this past summer. It never made it to YouTube because of the music choices i wanted to use on it. Recently, i uploaded it to Facebook and linked it to my blog. Hopefully you will like going back to last summer and the warm weather of July to enjoy this slideshow. It is also on my Facebook site if you belong and can watch it in a higher quality than here.


GZ said...

That is a great shot. And that was an incredible day with that wall of clouds!

FWIW, you capture the emotion of races very well. Your shot of me at MW in 09, is my favorite shot of me in 09 - although it was not my favorite race outcome.

Glad you will be on the other side of the camera this year at MW.

mueblerunner said...

Hi Scott,
Three great choices -the photo of Scotty and the 2 songs for your video. You take the best photos. I was able to drink one Long Hammer IPA as I viewed the video.

Scott Mason said...

I will see both of you guys at Mt Washington this year. Right?

GZ said...

Totally my intention.

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

Great shot Scott. That picture is still haunting me. See you on the starting line of the rock pile.

Jim said...

Nice shot Scott. It summarizes the effort to reach the top of MW. I can't wait (actually I can) to tackle it this June. Nice to see you today. Better see on the snowshoes next Saturday.