Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photographs and Injuries

I was reading Dave Dunham's latest blog entry about popular holidays to race on and the mention of injuries intrigued me. I've been running for 30 years now and racing for almost that much. That also means that i have been dealing with running injuries for almost that long, the first would be a groin pull in the winter of 1980. So i got to thinking and compiled a list of all the running related injuries i could think of off the top of my head. These would be considered major setbacks, missing at least 4 weeks time each. Of course, there are numerous minor problems that we all deal with like lost toenails, callouses, blisters, etc.
Here is the list (i know i am missing some)

**Groin Pull
**Hamstring Pull (3)
**Hip (4)
**Quad Muscle (2)
**Heel Spurs (2)
**Patella Tendonitis (5)
**Achilles Tendonitis (1)
**I.T. Band (1)
**Stress Fractures @ 5th metatarsal on feet (6, but probably more)
**Foot Puncture, stepped on broken glass in a snowbank, but did finish up the last 5 miles of the run because there was no other way to get home.
**Threw out back rounding a street corner
**Broken Toe, stubbed while running at night but kept running for the week because the Utica
Boilermaker was coming up and i did not want to miss it.
**Neuroma, had to have surgery to remove the nerve between 3rd and 4th toes.
**Knee Surgery to remove scar tissue built up on Patella Tendon
**Foot Surgery to remove part of bone to straighten out little toe.

That is all i can think of at the moment, there was never a list i kept for this stuff. Oh yeah,almost forgot the current problem i just am getting over, a knee cap that wasn't tracking correctly that led to the other knee acting up that caused me to miss alot of the last 3 1/2 years.
It took long enough just to get it diagnosed correctly. I could go on about orthopedic doctors that don't deserve a license and numbnut podiatrists, but the blog would take three days to read. The guys at Foundry Sports in Providence, Ken Furcoulo and Michael Wiggins are great, they know what they speak of and really care.

The biggest shout out goes to my excellent massage therapist, Nicole Toth. She has helped me out more than anyone.

So it seems that this last injury is finally over and it is time to run. Now i just have to try to not over do it and get hurt again :)

Since i am talking numbers here, i thought i would mention one race time. It is 52.56, what is that you say? It was my last 10 mile time that i ran at Yankee Homecoming in 1999, it is also the same exact time i ran 10 days before that at the Blessing of the Fleet. Oh yeah, that's right, i ran that exact time the year before at the Blessing of the Fleet, kind of freaky, ain't it? My last three ten milers are all run in the same time! High expectations if i ever run another 10 miler.



P.S. That x-ray picture is 2 years old.


day-v done 'em said...

I love lists! How has the neuroma felt since the surgery? I've had that for more than 2 years and it hurts all the time.

My #1 injury:
Ankle (sprains mostly) 202 times
794 total injuries.

Scott Mason said...

The Neuroma never bothered me again, i was running 20 days after it.

202 ankle sprains? Wow! That's alot of off road running.

day-v done 'em said...

The sad part is that maybe half of them are on flat ground where I just planted wrong.