Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dick's Dash - Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there. This morning, the Turtles got together for the annual Dick's Dash at "Cousin" Rich Northup's house. The run consists of either a 4 or 10  mile run followed by breakfast and beverages. It was a great morning for a run, upper 30's and no wind. Our winner today was Bob Jackman, time? Does it really matter? Everyone had a nice run and then ended with breakfast and coffee(with Bailey's, of course), and then to beer and a raffle and good times. You can see our president, Dave Principe (in black) and Sir George Ross at left, cracking the crab legs open for a snack. Along the way, we sampled some great beers, a Belgium Gueze, Newport Storm 02 & 04 and Unibroue Terrible. That is the "Cuz" downing a brew in the photo below. It also started the beginning of our Man Of Winter Award, an outdated prize that needs to disappear.

This made 5 runs in the last 6 days for me. I have had no knee pain to speak of, just burning lungs and tight muscles. I haven't run this much in 3 plus years. I can only hope that this is the beginning of another comeback, how many? I lost count. Right now, i am optimistic about the running, i really want to compete again. I have even been pricing out racing snowshoes for a foray into that snowsport. I think that i can get back into racing shape and compete in my age categorie, if i can't, i won't race. But i really think i will be back.  

I headed down to my parents house after the run for dinner, you can see the sunset from their front deck. Nice! 


~j said...

Hey Scott, It certainly is the best way to start Thanksgiving, good run, good friends, good cheer!
This will be the come back run, you'll do it. See you on the roads :)

George Ross said...

What was the name of the cool beer with the yellow label.......Hop 15?

Who is the brewery?


Tuesday Night Turtles said...

check it out Geroge...the IPA you were enjoying


Tanker said...

I miss any IPA and that view from that deck! I think it was the first time that I ever heard Rita say "Thats a beautiful view"...