Saturday, November 15, 2008

La Sportiva Mountain Series Photos

Hey there everyone. Well, the running season is slowing down now, so i decided to put up a few favourite shots from the La Sportiva USATF New England Mountain Series . I had never intended on shooting any of these races until Martin Tighe wanted to run Wachusett on the way up to the Vermont City Marathon and Relay this year and i was doing the driving. So i figure, what the hell, lets take the bus to the top of the mountain and fire away. I mean, my camera goes just about everywhere that i go, so i was prepared. It really is a great race series, you see the same people at all the races, so it is like a big family. I only wish that my knee was good enough for me to run a few of these races, maybe in a year or two, one can only hope.

As a photographer, it is hard to pick a favourite race, but i would probably have to say that Cranmore was it this year. The shooting conditions weren't great, but the results were pretty goood if i must say so

The heavy rain and thunder and lightning storm at the start was a little disheartining, but it cleared soon enough. I got a kick out of Dave Dunham urging runners to get to the
start in the middle of that weather saying"what lightning" as the masses huddled inside the building. The race started in the pouring rain, so i waited outside out of the rain unbeknownst to me with the lovely and talented Kristen and Tim VanOrdens dad. I got up the ski slope as fast as possible and came up with some decent photos. If i had to pick best photos, it would probably be the one of DD Mountainman coming down the mountain looking some what out of control with the fog off in the background and Justin Fyffe going full bore down the hill. Of course, my friend and teammate Martin Tighe coming out of the woods looking a little worse for wear is a good one too.
Loon was good weather and a much tougher run. I love the shot of Tim Van Orden, you can see his eyes fixated on the finish at the top of the mountain.
Mark Miller in full flight at Northfield is a good one as is the long distance shot of him and Ryan Carrera along the power lines.
Not to take anything away from the ladies, Amy Nadeau cranking up the last hill at Northfield and Abby Woods running out of the woods on Cranmore are great shots.
I look forward to the mountain series next year, maybe i'll even run one of them. I'm am at least trying to get some of my Tuesday Night Turtle teammates to get some sac and try a mountain race. I know a few will probably do some of them. Martin, Bob, Jodi and Sheila should be there, it's a start.


day-v done 'em said...

Great pics. Mountain running makes for great shots, lots of agony on the runners faces plus they tend to be moving slower.

I always look out of control, you should see me descending in a snowshoe race. At least then I'm not pin-wheeling my arms.

Scott Mason said...

The best photos all year were at mountain races.
It's not your typical 5k either,which are quite boring.
I want to do a showshoe race, maybe later in the winter, Northfield maybe?

Tanker said...

Wow, last time I ran a mountain I could actually run:) I did 4 Can Do Mountain trips in Germany and can still feel the tightness in my calfs whenever I walk up big hills now...Leaning forward, looking straight up in front of you, and trying not to fall flat on your face...I wish I could still run.

Scott Mason said...

I guess triple bypass does that to you. Hang in there my friend

day-v done 'em said...

Northfield would be fun. Race is set for 1/31/2009. Check back to make sure we have snow!