Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mt Washington Road Race

Before Saturday, i had never had the opportunity to get to the top of Mt Washington, running or driving. This year i drove up (i have the bumper sticker to prove it!), next year i run it. I think i would rather run up after the drive to the top. Driving through a cloud to the top made me feel like i was inside a cotton ball, it was somewhat nerve wracking knowing there was an extreme drop-off right next to you, but you can't see it. I had Jimmy Buffett blasting on the CD player to sooth the nerves. Once i hit about 5000ft, everything cleared out and it was just beautiful! It was nice to get up there early so i had a chance to wander around and check things out, looking down on top of the clouds was an awesome site, not that it was the first time i have seen this,  just that it is the legendary Mt Washington. My first look at the finish was astonishing, the "wall" in the last 100 meters or so is quite intimidating. 30% grade hurts to walk up, let alone, run up after covering 7 1/2 miles already. I staked out a spot halfway up the wall for the first few runners and then made my way back down the road a little for more photos. See them here.


Just a few comments and observations:

>Watching Ricky Gates sprinting to the finish after cresting the wall to get under the hour mark and  make the money bonus was very impressive.

>Tara Cardi running to second place was awesome, especially coming from a state with a high point of 812ft. Just shows you can't rule out us flatlanders.

>Thanks for the Smuttynose IPA, MG.

>Hey Sheila, sorry i missed your photo, i'm pissed at myself for that lapse of concentration. Watching that moose in your yard the night before was cool!

>Another flatlander, Glen Guillmette ran great, next year he moves to the 50 age bracket, too bad Craig Fram is already there :(  Craig's blowing away of the old course record wasn't a surprise, but impressive none the less.

>Good run, DoubleJ

>Great to meet up with George Zack, it is good to
actually talk to Facebook friends in person. 
Especially when they live in Colorado and you have never met before. See you next year, i'll bring the homebrew. That is George in the Fleet Feet top in the photo. Read George's Blog here.

>Fun post race get together at the base of the mountain, i got to catch up with many runners i
do not get to see too often. I was also the provider of the bottle opener for the gang at the corner of the tent, all us oldtimers, Don Fredrickson, Bob Hodge, Bob Fitzgerald and Dave Quintal.

>Too bad i missed you at the post race, Tess.

>Stupid Human Tricks Dept. : Coming home along Route 16, i realized i needed to stop to relieve myself. So i find a deserted place to stop, hop over a log (well, not quite) and fall flat on my face and cut open my shin, the log didn't look slippery. Bloody shin and sock, but i felt better anyway. Next time i think i will look for a gas station.

>To anyone going to Cranmore next week, See you there.




GZ said...

Scott - great meeting you. I hope we both get to run it next year. Hopefully next year I won't have such a better performance and won't need to divert the conversation to home brew so much!

Scott Mason said...

Nothing wrong with homebrew talk!

David Quintal said...

Thank you as always for great picture taking and for the bottle opener. It was a fun day for sure. I was so caught up with beer drinking, I missed my photo op when my CMS master's team was receiving its record setting award!

Trish said...

Great coverage on the Mt. W race Scott; between the pix and commentary, I feel like I was there myself.

Scott Mason said...

There is always next year, Trish.

Trail Pixie said...

Scott, your photos of the summit and runners' expressions are so beautiful, genuine. I love the long view with the cars and clearing clouds. Your Moose photo came out! It is an incredible silhouette. I will bring Long Trail to Cranmore. Hope your trips (both to NH and over the log) were full of life.

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

Scott, your photos are great and the one you took of me will most likely win me an award with a club I belong to. The award is the PHAT award, which stands for Pain...Heavy At Times. It's given to the person who puts themselves through the most pain while racing. Steve Wolfe sent me the link from your web site. I'm bib number 198 wearing an Acidotic Racing singlet. Great photos BTW

Scott Mason said...

Thanks Scott. That is a good shot, i had a second shot of you taken seconds before that one, but the look on your face in this one said it all.

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

Scott, Thanks for sending me the High-res photo through Steve. It is a KEEPER.

Next year you have to view this race from the other side of the camera.

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

Scott, I hope you don't mind, I used your photo of me as my header on my blog. I gave you credit for the shot. It was Double-J's idea. If you want me to take it down just send me an e-mail to and I will remove it, no questions asked

My blog is

s p running said...

You'll love doing it next year ! Enjoy the IPA!