Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grog and Dog

I started the day with a run, 6 miles at Warwick City Park followed by bottling my latest homebrew, an imperial IPA. With all the important stuff done, it was time to venture into Providence to watch the Wild Colonial's Grog and Dog Relay. This consists of a four runner team that has to run 1 1/4 miles each, but before the handoff, you must eat a hotdog and down a beer ( Narragansett, to be exact).

We had a team entered here, lets call them TNT!?. Seeing that one of our runners is not really a Turtle, he was the !? part of the name. The team consisted of Dave Principe, Ben Keefe, Bob Jackman and former Turtle, Zak Kudlak. Dave was the leadoff runner and was caught off guard by the low-key start but quickly got up to pace and came in second on the leg, getting beat by someone in a Hendricken HS singlet. Dave was a bit slow to get down the dog and beer, so a mixed team got out front with Mary Camire running. Our second runner was Zak Kudlak, who got by Mary pretty fast, but then had to hold off Keith Kelly and Molly Huddle on his leg. Keith was dressed as the construction worker from the Village People, as well as Ben the indian( sorry, don't know your last name), Clay Howland as the cowboy and Brien Lang as the leather clad biker.

 Zak finished and grabbed the dog and beer, he seemed to struggle a little with getting these down while Keith coming from behind, actually inhaled his. How you eat a hotdog and down a beer this fast i do not know. I think i heard Keith say it took 14 seconds, either way, they had a brief lead. Brien took off first, followed by Ben, who was coming off the Nipmuck Trail Marathon. He took the lead and we never looked back. Ben handed, if you want to call it that, to Bob Jackman, and we cruised to the win. 

This was an awesome event. There were 40 teams entered, the race put on by The Wild Colonial on South Main in Providence and sponsered by Narragansett Beer is so much fun. You race along the Providence River on the edge of downtown P-town. It is a great setting for a very low key race.
Everyone seemed to have a great time here. I really want to compete in this race when it is held again this fall. Just have to sign up early. 

Check out a few photos here.
Read Keith Kelly's Blog here.

Photo at left is Mary Camire, i think 
she is giving me the evil eye for taking her picture while eating :)

Saturday, i headed up to Northfeild, Ma for the Northfeild Mountain Race. See some photos(300+)from the race here.


Trail Pixie said...

Scott, this wiener and lager festival run sounds silly fun! I love the photo with the lady wearing the "Powered by Tofu" shirt. Do you think she's eating a tofu pup? Thanks for coming out the Northfield. Your photos are beautiful and capture the heat and hills honestly.

Scott Mason said...

Thanks, I'll see you on top of the mountain next Saturday.

George said...

Clearly, there were a bunch of guys very comfortable with their own sexuality!! Looks like a whole lot of fun and it could probably grow to be a very large event if your photos get out into the populace!! Although, what's up with drinking your beer 'after' your leg!

ZakK said...

Hey Scott, that was fun yesterday. Although, I take offence to the "struggling to get it down" bit. I think Jackie said I had one of the fastest eating splits out of the 4 of us. I want to see if I can change my name to "!?" as an unpronounceable symbol, like Prince. See you soon! - Zak

Scott Mason said...

You may have fastest of the four, Zak, but Keith killed you.