Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wachusett Mountain

I headed up to Wachusett Mountain for the race this past Saturday and then on to Burlington, VT for the Vermont City Marathon and Relay. I was only there to shoot some photos and cheer on 3 of my teammates that were running the trails. Since i arrived pretty early, i decided to do a run with Martin Tighe and get a feel for the condition of my left calf muscle that i pulled a few weeks ago. The day before, i had had a massage from Nicole Toth and the calf was sore from that, but deep down, it felt good. So off i go with Martin, it felt good to run some trails. We ran maybe half the course, it looked to be more challenging than just running up the auto road. I bagged it early and turned back, happy that the leg held up and not wanting to risk too much. Now i could settle in with the camera and try to shoot some good stuff.

The race itself was great to watch, nothing like a close finish. See the photos here scottmasonphoto.com

Here are a few shots from Vermont City Marathon


Trail Pixie said...

Hi Scott, thanks for capturing the day at Wachusett! Beautiful photos that reveal the many expressions of so many runners. The added trail was a treat to this trail runner! Old Indian Trail was la creme de la creme. Be well and keep looking!

Scott Mason said...

Sorry i did not get to say hi after the race, had to leave for Burlington, VT before the awards. See you at the next one.