Friday, May 29, 2009

Farewell, Woody

My cat, Woody, died yesterday. He was 18 1/2 years old. He was a good cat, a pain in the ass at times and a good friend too. Woody wasn't a lap cat or the most friendly one you would ever run across. He was your best buddy when it was dinner time, but try to scratch his belly and be prepared to lose some blood. He would wake you up at 5 in the morning by jumping up on the bed or hawking up a hair ball next to it. In other words, Woody was a typical cat in many ways. He acted like he didn't care until he wanted something. Woody liked to sit next to my computer and wait for me to give him his tuna treats. It just seems like he was always around, lurking, waiting to pounce. I watched him jump on a squirrel once and then not know what to do, i caught it, now what?

The last year or so, he was deaf, which bothered me because he couldn't sit in the window and enjoy the outdoors at it's best, in other words, not hear the birds. Through all that though, he was still a great and beautiful cat. I will miss him.

I think i will plant a flower garden over where he rests now.


Trail Pixie said...

Scott, so sorry to hear about Woody! He looks like a character in your portrait of him, also proud noble fiesty. He's busy dining on tuna-treats, hair-ball free days and lots of petting (when he wants it). Here are a few links to videos of my cat, The Wookiee. He thinks he's a dog (fetching, following, greeting at the door) but definitely cat-like with his *ack* hair ball presents.
Be well, listen to the birds awhile, and plants some catnip.

Scott Mason said...

Thanks, Emily. Catnip is a good idea.

I wonder how that would work in homebrew???

Tanker said...

Woody was a cool cat. Woody was what made me buy a cat when I moved here. cats are cool and Woody was king of cool cats. I will drink a beer to Woody.

Cheers baggie pants!!

JackSurabian said...

Hi Scott... least Woody met a better fate than "Old Mama Cat".(AlaStu). Was Woody one of her kittens?
Woody looked a lot like "Old Fuzzy Buddy"....Try a dog next time!!!!!
Name it "RAZZ"...OK?

Trish said...

Sorry to hear about your cat Scott; it's really sad when I beloved pet dies, not matter what the age. I think it's a good idea to plant something to remember him by. trish

double-d said...

Bummer! We have four cats and our oldest is just about to turn 19. Great pic of Woody.

s p running said...

I'm so sorry... I can relate 100%. I've got 2Bengal girls (13 & 14) and it breaks my heart to see them getting older. My sympathy, buddy.

I love the photos from Rhody!!!! You are the BEST photographer... no kidding... WOW!! Thanks sooooooo much = )

Kevin said...


Sorry to hear about Woody's passing. He was a great cat as cats go. Of course I knew him best as a very young Woody, "Woodflake" as I used to refer to him, young and fiesty chasing a flashlight beam across the wall plus other things that you could find to amuse him along with yourself.
He was a joy to be around when he wanted to be "around", for the brief time I was around him, allowing you to see it his way for the attention he desired.
I know you will miss him and will be missed...
Talk to you soon