Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mt Washington Road Race

OK, so i got my spot in the lottery to run up Mt Washington, YAHOO!!

Now for the reality of it all, i have to start training for it. Lets see...last week i ran 18 miles. That is not going to get it done for this race. I have 12 weeks to whip my body into decent shape so as not to embarrass myself on this run. Can i do it? I think so! It isn't like i expect to compete for age group or anything like that, just have a good strong run. Having some of my teammates running will help, Bob Jackman, John Peabody and Martin Tighe will be there running. So, here goes nothing, Mt Washington, here i come.

Photo by Corey McEntyre


s p running said...

Wooo hooo!! I'm really glad you got in!!

Scott Mason said...

I look forward to seeing you there, should be fun.

Try not to beat me too badly going up the hill :)

s p running said...

You're funny...

But really, try not to beat ME too badly going up the hill!