Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mt Washington Lottery

Well, today is the first day to sign up for the Mt. Washington Road Race so i figured that it is a good a time as any. This morning at 8 am, i signed up for the lottery as a group leader, hoping that i get more of my Tuesday Night Turtle teammates to try and get in also. I know that Martin Tighe is in as he did the whole mountain series last year and we have a few runners who showed some interest in this endeavor. Personally, i have always wanted to do it, but something always got in the way (mostly injuries). It was always the same weekend as the Norwich Rose Arts Race in Connecticut, that was a favourite of mine. Hopefully i get in this year as i need a goal to help me get back into running shape and is there a better race to egg you on than this one. If i do not get in, i can always park my ass somewhere up on the mountain with my camera to get the pain on your faces as you approach the summit, but i would rather try to do it myself this year.

I always liked this photo on the cover of New Englang Running taken near the finish. Really wants to make you run the race, Don't ya think ;)


DoubleJ said...

Scotty, I hope you get in man... good times. There's only 1 hill so it isn't THAT bad... ;)

s p running said...

I hope you get in too. I put in for the lottery also.

I love that photo... the freakin' wall!

Scott Mason said...

I hope you get in also, Sarah. I'll get to hang with all my friends.