Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sidehiller Adventure

I have been looking forward to running the Sidehiller since Feel Good Farm, thinking that my fitness level is starting to improve and i am getting a used to running in snowshoes. Oh well, wishful thinking.

Bob Jackman and myself hit the road at 7am for the three hour drive up to the race. I'm getting used to these long rides to the races, so it is not a big deal. We pulled into the lot about 10 to see a pretty good crowd already there. Sign in was quick and then it was off for a warm-up run. I was feeling quite good, which surprised me, considering the long ride. We ran a bit with some of the CMS heavy hitters, but turned back before them, i did not want to push it too far. So now i am feeling positve about the race. I lined up well towards the back of the pack. Paul Kirsch started the race by just saying GO, and we were off. The snow seemed real soft and could not get any grip at all, by the time i was half a mile in, i knew this would be a long day. It seemed like my feet were sinking and rolling, there wasn't any stability there which isn't good when you have a funky knee. Once i was across the road and into single track, it got worse. My knee was screaming at me, the smart thing would be to end the race here but i was going to finish this even if i had to powerwalk most of the way, which i did. I like running the downhills and even that hurt today. Not much more to say, i guess these things happen when you are coming back from a 2 year break due to injuries.

I must say that it was a good course and real cool how the locals shovel snow onto the road so you can cross without killing the cleats on you shoes. Not many people along the course, but the ones out there were very supportive which is greatly appreciated when you are having a bad day. Thanks to them all.

On the brighter side of things, at least Bob managed to split up the CMS winter train, getting 4th place. I hear that DoubleJ and Kevin Tilton had a good battle up front. CMS took 1,2,3,5,6 and 7th places for a real good showing.

Right now, i don't know if i will try anymore snowshoe races this year. I will probably be better off working on base mileage and looking forward to some late spring races. It is always frustrating trying to get back into shape and attempting a few races early on. What you have done in the past is always in the back of your mind and you can't figure out why you are not improving faster. People say you are not a young as you once were, i don't buy that excuse. There are plenty of real good 50 year old athletes out there and i will be one of them again, one of these days. Being patient with the comeback training is the hardest part.

You can read some race stories by some of the faster guys:

Steve Wolfe
Chris Dunn
Jim "DoubleJ" Johnson
Dave Dunham

Photos by Kristen Thanks for not taking my picture :)

Check out Bob looking for a BIG meal.

Actually, we hit Milly's Tavern in Manchester on the way home for some good food washed down with some excellant beers. We have been hitting a brewpub after every race, part of the fun of going to faraway races.


double-d said...

Nice shot of the giant chairs, that was a surprise during the warm-up. Nice to finally meet up with you.

Scott Mason said...

Good to see you too, Dave.

The warm-up was the best part of my race yesterday.