Monday, February 2, 2009

Maryland Marathon Numbers

I ran across this results booklet while going through some old running stuff the other day, it is from the 1980 Maryland Marathon. I had made the road trip down to Baltimore with 5 of my teammates: Roland Davide, Gerry Beagan, George Gardiner, Richard Collard and Kenny Field. I ran a 2:47.15, not a very good race for me, but i wasn't in too good a shape as i was coming off a groin pull. Roland ran 4th in 2:24.24, 5 minutes behind winner, Jerome Drayton.

A few observations on this race....

There were 2430 finishers

2229 Men 91%

201 Women 8%

339 Men under 3 hours 14%

1743 Runners under 4 hours 71%

Those are interesting numbers when compared to marathons run now.

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