Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Canadian Death Race. I'm in!

I'm entered!! Crazy as it sounds, i just entered the Canadian Death Race in Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada. The race is in the Canadian Rockies, west of Edmonton. In a nutshell, it is 125 kilometers (77.6713 miles) in less than 24 hours, 3 peaks to run over, 17,000 feet of climb and descent. Sound crazy? Yes it is! 

Course Profile: Click here.


It is not so much a race as an adventure.

This will be a group run, i will be running with Thor Kirleis, Issy Nielson and  Henry Sacco. Thor and Issy have run ultras before, not sure about Henry. Me? I have never run beyond 27 miles and that was done in 1982, i never knew how to run slow enough to run farther, that 27 was in all likelihood done in way under 3 hours. I am banking on the experience of Issy and Thor to get me through this event.

I have 6 months to get ready for this, i'll need most of that.

How to train for this. Not really sure. 20-25 mile runs, repeats up Wachusett Mountain, a few runs up in North Conway with Kevin Tilton as a guide. Maybe some tough trails races like Soapstone Mountain or Seven Sisters. I'm already in Mt Washington, that will help. It will be interesting to say the least.

One thing is for certain, i WILL finish. And have fun doing it.

Stay tuned for training updates.

I hope they have good beer in Grande Cache!! 


GZ said...

Excellente. Come out and camp at high altitude to get ready.

Peter L said...

Normal people go buy a car for their mid-life crisis...

Enjoy! Sounds like fun

Scott Mason said...

Mid life crisis.....Nah!

Just havin' fun!

Danny and Amber said...


If you want a nice long run in July, I could always use some pacing during the VT 100. Or maybe we can extend some races to increase the mileage(if it ever snows).

You will finish!

s p running said...

what a cool goal... that will keep you incredibly focused!

Scott Mason said...

Danny, just might take you up on that offer.

Sarah, It is a cool goal, isn't it? I'm not a PR machine like you are anymore, so i need to adjust the goals. See ya soon.