Monday, August 24, 2009

Runner Attacks Photographer

                 Well, I wasn't really attacked by a runner, it just looks like i was in the line of fire.

 I took a ride up to the Mt Toby Trail Run on Sunday with 5 of my Turtle teammates who were running this 14 mile trail race. Since i am in really lousy running shape right now, i went only as photographer and as one turtle put it, Turtle trail organizer. The runners were Martin Tighe, Bob Jackman, Larry Walker, Ben Keefe and John Peabody. I like the fact that more of the Turtles are getting into mountain and trail racing, only wish i was running more of them. Soon, i hope! Actually, next week i am supposed to run up Mt Mansfield @ Stowe, Vermont. Not really looking forward to that. Anyway... i did take my mountain bike with the camera in the backpack up the trail at Toby in search of a place to take photos that wasn't too dark. It wasn't an easy trail to bike on, lots of uphill, ruts, rocks and water, but i loved it. I only wish that there wasn't a race going on and there wasn't a 10 pound camera strapped to my back. Flying down the trails at breakneck speed over rocks and ruts is a total blast! I finally settled on a good place to shoot in a brief clearing where the local fire department guys had set up a water stop. We were the 12 mile mark, down hill all the way to the finish. They even offered me a beer, who am i to turn that down until i heard the choices, Bud or Bud Lite. Much as i despise both of these, i went with the Bud. I was hot and sweaty and covered in mud, the Spudweiser tasted great.

After many photos, we all headed south to Northampton for the local brewpub. The Northampton Brewery was very good. Food and beer both tasted good. The double IPA was quite tasty and the aroma from the brewing process just enhanced the whole experience.

                                     I love the smell of boiling malts in the afternoon.

                                   Want to see some photos from Mt Toby, click here .


s p running said...

great photo! hope you are doing well

Scott Mason said...

I'm fighting the uphill battle, waiting for cooler weather and better running(i hope).The heat and minor nagging injuries have kicking the crap out of me.

pbazanchuk said...

Nice job as usual. I hear you about the heat.
Tell Martin nice work. He sure kicked some local a$$. That's got to be a M50 course record.

Trish said...

Scott,that's one of the best runningpix I've seen in ages: talk about "just do it." Sounds like you had a great experience up there.

Scott Mason said...

Thanks Trish.

The trail and mountain stuff is fun to be around. Road running just doesn't compare.