Friday, July 3, 2009

Cranmore Hillclimb 2009

Yeah, I know, A little late on getting this stuff out on the blog this week. 

I had a great time shooting the race this year. I picked up a ride to the top of the mountain with the waterstop crew and then gradually made my way down the mountain while shooting 2000+ images. A stellar field made it an even better to watch. Too bad there aren't more spectators up on the hill to urge the runners on, they don't know what they are missing.

See my photos here and here

I also put out a video slideshow here.

See a fun slideshow of the race by Ken Skier here

Gotta love the look on Paul Bazanchuks face in the photo, kinda says it all, don't it.

See you all at Loon Mountain this week. Paul Kirsch wants to see some shots from the Upper Walking Boss, so that is where i will be. 40% grade, WOW!




DoubleJ said...

Oh is going to be HARD to try to fake like I'm running up that damn thing, for the photo opps... You'll get ALOT of shots of people walkin' up the boss...that's for sure....

2 Miler tomorrow first though...Chelmsford...should be fun.

pbazanchuk said...

I think my look says "Scott PLEASE put away the camera (or at least delete this image). Nice set of photo's (as usual).

Scott Mason said...

You know better than to ask me that, Paul :)

See ya at Loon