Friday, October 24, 2008

Where To Start?

Hey there everyone. I have decided to start a blog that deals with running and photography, two things i have excelled at. So i started to think about how to lead this whole thing off and decided to start with Bill Rodgers. Of all the runners i have competed against and photographed, Bill has to be the smoothest of all. I can't think of a race where he did not look effortless in his stride, no matter what the pace was. This photo of him was taken at the 1983 Boston Marathon, just before 15 miles. Greg Meyer was out front, on route to a 2:09.00 finish. Bill looks as if he is just on cruise control just doing what comes natural.
How is it that he always looks like he is 6 inches off the road. Most runners i know covet the "in the air" photo. This should be the start of many posts, hopefully, you all will like it. Let me know, one way or the other.


s p running said...

your blog looks great, content and style

Scott Mason said...

Thanks, Sarah